From early in my life I have been drawn to use visual storytelling as a means to create experiences for people. As a Graphic & Motion Designer, I serve my clients to bring their message and story to life. My work includes the full range of digital and print marketing material, social media campaigns, animation and video editing, presentation and web design. For over 20 years I have worked with a range of clients, from large companies to independent artists, in the sectors of technology, natural health + wellness, gaming, fashion, culture + environment.

I studied in New York before migrating to California in 2007, motivated by a vision of a creating a more balanced lifestyle. My personal path of self-discovery and awakening has lead me to value collaborating with those who want to serve others to find deeper meaning and purpose. I seek our projects centered around missions or causes that can aim to do good in the world, and are motivated by something deeper than financial gain.

As technology has enabled us to create a new culture of work, where we can work independently and from anywhere, I am committed to embracing and exploring all the changes and mapping out how they can empower us, rather than creating more anxiety and uncertainty. We are in an unprecedented time and how we are able to meet each other in will determine how we adapt and move towards our potential.
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